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We love broadcasting for you, and we want to make sure that we provide you the very best coverage possible. With this in mind, we want your opinions! Please feel free to be as brutally honest as you like in your comments. We can't improve unless you tell us what we're doing right / wrong.

Many thanks!
To begin, we're going to ask you about the most recent broadcast you watched on RaceSpot TV.

First of all, which one of our broadcasts did you last watch?

Overall, how much did you enjoy this broadcast? *

How much did you enjoy the commentary? *

This includes how the commentary team worked as a whole as well as individual commentators.
How much did you enjoy the visual presentation? *

This includes the actual race footage and the graphical overlays.
Now, we'd like you to think about RaceSpot TV as a whole.

Thinking about RaceSpot TV as a whole, what is your favorite element of our broadcasts?

This is everything concerning us, including broadcasts, podcasts, our website, and Social Media.
And what is the biggest area that we can improve on?

Don't worry, we'll offer you more ranting space in a moment. Just the most important for now though!
Compared to other sim racing broadcasters, where would you rank us?

Anything else you would like to tell us?

Good or bad, feel free to speak your mind!
And finally. How would you rate RaceSpot TV out of 10?

Again, this is everything about RaceSpot TV. Not just the last broadcast you watched, but everything we are, and everything we do. In other words; how awesome are we?

Thanks! You're awesome!

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